ANY fashion-loving female who has ever pictured themselves holidaying in Africa has usually envisaged themselves on safari in an array of floaty linen outfits and cute yet practical hats, a-la “Out of Africa”.

This week Melania Trump is embodying this particular fashion reverie in a series of fabulously clichéd outfits. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Standard African Holiday Look #1: Classic safari chic

This particular look has gone down like a lead elephant in quick sand.

Her decision to wear the pith helmet led some to accuse her of having an “outdated understanding” of Africa, due to the association between the headwear and colonial rule in the continent.

When questioned about her tone-deaf headwear, she told reporters: “You know what, we just completed an amazing trip, we went to Ghana, we went to Malawi, we went to Kenya, here we are in Egypt,” she said.

“I want to talk about my trip and not what I wear.”

Too bad, First Lady, we are not going to break stride and we shall move on to the next look.

Standard African Holiday Look #2: A neutral palette of beige and khaki

Everybody knows that when you’re in Africa you wear neutral tones so as not to scare the sh*t out of the animals.

Or at least that’s what Westerners seem to think. The two African women in the photo below are totally thumbing their nose at this theory, and power to them. They look spectacular. Melania on the other hand looks like a paper bag in a sand storm.

Standard African Holiday Look #3: A bold print featuring all the animals you just saw on safari

It’s basically like show and tell at primary school, but it’s all laid out on your frock. “Yesterday I went on safari and I saw lions and tigers and giraffes.”

Standard African Holiday Look #4: Dressing as a character from Casablanca

The first lady tipped her hat to everyone’s favourite misquoted movie with an ensemble that has us all throwing money at her jar and screaming, “Play it again, Sam!”

Standard African Holiday Look #5: A snap with adorable African children for Instagram, to show that you’re super down to earth and caring.

The Twittersphere has had a field day with the First Lady’s fashion parade in Africa: