ASPIRING model Toni Kelly was “high on cocaine” and alcohol before somersaulting to her death from her rooftop onto concrete slabs, and dying from head injuries two days later.

The 20-year-old New Zealander slipped from her South London roof in just a top and her underwear after a wild party where friends warned her not to climb out the window.

Just before she ventured out she told one friend not to be “such a p*ssy” when he declined to join her.

Ms Kelly had bought two “wraps” of cocaine before watching the All Blacks’ victorious Paris rugby test against France on November 12 last year, Westminster Coroners’ Court heard.

With two friends, Jade Hickling and fellow Kiwi Patrick Robinson, Kelly then went out on the town and returned to her flat in Tooting.

Ms Kelly, whose mother later described as “adventurous” and “a bit of a daredevil”, resisted her friends’ pleas and climbed onto the top of her bedroom window.

Giving evidence at Ms Kelly’s inquest, Mr Robinson said, “Toni said she wanted to get out onto the roof.

“She said it will be sweet and she told me not to be a p*ssy.

“I said I would not climb up and she should not either, it looked dangerous.

“She climbed up so she was standing on top of the window, she got up there very easily.

“I heard a slip and saw her falling backwards. She did not make any noise. I attempted to grab her.

“She hit the single pitched roof above the front door and somersaulted backwards onto the concrete floor below.”

Ms Kelly fell four metres onto paving slabs and suffered a catastrophic head injury.

An autopsy found that her blood alcohol level was double the drink driving limit.

Two days after the fall, doctors turned off Ms Kelly’s life support.

Her family remembered her as an outgoing and happy girl who was about to start a new job as a teaching assistant, but dreamt of modelling and had made a video two weeks before her death to submit to a TV show.

Her mother Christine Kelly, who was by her daughter’s bedside before she died, said Toni “liked to climb buildings and was so adventurous.

“When I heard Toni had fallen from a second storey building I thought she might have climbed out of a window to get a better view of the sky.

“She was hoping to be a model and she did a video clip of herself for a TV job, everything was coming together and she had some beautiful friends.”